WMPF Complex CM

Patented and the only vaginal regeneartion 

ointment in the world

Vaginal atrophy (dryness, discomforts, recurring bacterial infection) 

or vaginal suture-site treatment. Designed to strengthen the protective 

barrier of the vaginal wall and to accelerate the wound-healing 

process of the area. This is accomplished by delivering signaling growth 

factors and proteins directly to the weakened vaginal wall or to the suture site.

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A simple ointment to fix all types of femnine problems

Replenishes, Soothes, moisturizes, strenghtens weakened areas

Safe to use post operation and  for women at all age

Product Specifcation

• G4PRF-300™, Squalane, Rosemary oil & Jojoba oil
    G4PRF-300™️ can be made with human fibroblast or with synthetics 
• 15mL per tube
• Apply a small amount to desired areas • Apply at least twice a day or more to see better resulrs