HMPF Complex 2m

The most used hair-bootser in South Korea

Hair loss treatment. Designed to promote cellular activity 

around the hair follicle to accelerate the hair growth stages. 

This is accomplished by delivering stimulating growth factors and proteins 

to ORS and DP cells and regulating 13 Catenin in DP cells. 

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Perfect with MTS or any other devides that increases product absorbtions

Safe to use and suitable for any and all type of alopecia

Shows promising effects

in 2 months

Product Specifcation

• G4PRF-300™(400,000ppm)
 G4PRF-300™️ can be made with human fibroblast or with synthetics 
• 2.5 mL per vial / 10 vials per box
• Requires 10-week session
• Can be used with  MTS or other tools that increase product absorption