Announcement of participation in 2019 AFAS

Hello, this is BNV Biolab.
We are here to announce that we are taking part in 2019 Asian Forum for Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine
Through our booths and seminars, you will be able to know more about BNV Biolab’s products.

Seminar details :
Subject : Skin regeneration using peptide factor (MPF)
Speaker : Dr. Tae-Hwan Anh (Fresh Clinic)
Venue : COEX 1/F Grand Ballroom Room B
Date : 2019.4.21 (Sun) 11:00-11:15

Following events are going to be in association with this forum :
The 12nd Congress of Asia Anti-aging Medicine [3AM]
The 13rd Congress of Korea Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine [KAAS]
The 7th Asia Fair of Cosmetic Medicine & Beauty

For who are interested, please join us!