[Review] Participation in 2018 Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology symposium

Hello, this is BNV Biolab.

We have participated in the 2018 fall Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology symposium.

The Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology symposium (KALDAT) is a conference where BNV Biolab continues take part in. It was first founded in 2004, and it is a large-scale conference with an average of 4,500 participants.
This is also a grand gathering of doctors who work together on fields such as beauty, skin, plastic surgery and hair loss. 

Date : December 2, 2018 (Sunday)
Venue : Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

We would like to take you on a journey with us to recap that day!

First off, this is the appearance of our booths before the conference starts.
This time the host attempted something new, which is making two booths facing each other. 

Our booths were well-located.
They were assigned right in front of the hallway to the reception desk, where the participants will walk past at least once! 

We could tell the conference is initiating as the visitors are starting to gather.
It will be an event where people with the same passion can actively interact! 

This is a close up of BNV Biolab’s booth.

Silver and gold as the main colours, the products principles and features of BNV and nicely demonstrated.
The booth looked much better in real life, it would be great if the photos could express it! ^^

This was the display of BNV’s ‘MPF Three Musketeers’ at the booth.
Which are SMPF for skin, HMPF for scalp and WMPF for women ^^! 

Later during the conference, Dr. Moon-Sang Ki, the representative of 

NB Clinic gave us a lecture titled 

‘This is the key to hair loss : Hair follicle cell regeneration using MPF’ in Room C.
A lot of audiences listened to the lecture with great interest.

In Room E, Dr. Bong-Cheol Kim a.k.a the representative of Lamar Skin (Isu branch) gave us another lecture.
Named ‘The best way to infiltrate Growth Factors without downtime’ 

We would like to show our greatest gratitude to Dr. Moon-Sang Ki, Dr. Bong-Cheol Kim, 

who introduced BNV Biolab’s products during the conference.

As well as to all the visitors who visited our booths, and interested in our products.

BNV Biolab will not stop and keep striving for bigger improvement, in order to develop greater products in the future.

Thank you ^^!