BNV Biolab have created MPF™ technology (human cell-derived signaling molecules)

and launched world’s first 4 types of rejuvenating solutions with 12 finest doctors to prove its regenerative capability.

We promise to supply safe and effective products at reasonable cost and continue to find most efficient way to resolve aging problems.

MPF™ are signaling protein factors developed using proteomic 

technology to enhance skin tissue regeneration by replenishing 

required protein factors for wound healing process.

 Unlike basic nutrients, MPF™ can carry out cell to cell 

communication and used to treat aging and damaged skin.

Wound healing effects of MPF™


Result from the wound healing assay shows that MPF™ treated fibroblast grows twice as fast as fibroblasts treated with basic nutrients and complete wound closure was observed in MPF™ treated fibroblasts.


MPF™ contains multiple protein factors necessary for cell regeneration. This study proved efficacy of the solution during the wound healing process and also confirmed that effect of MPF™ was superior compared to the cell media EGF, FGF with basic nutrients.

Proteomic analysis ( 2D gel electrophoresis )


2D gel Experiment showed that MPF™ includes more than 

200 proteins whereas basic nutrients has no protein.

4 step wound healing process 

and necessary signaling molecules


The result of exosome detection in MPF™ showed that approximately

1.7×109 exosome particles per 1ml of MPF™ were contained (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Exosome contents of MPF™ positive for CD63 exosome marker.


From this exosome detection study, it was confirmed that the exosomes used during cellular metabolism are contained in BNV Biolab’s MPF™

Flgure 2. Fibroblast Cell

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